Managing stationery and marketing collateral for organisations who have multiple locations nationally or globally can present a significant challange. GLAMS SMP or Stationery Management Portal was designed to manage this workflow.

GLAMS SMP delivers a collabrative workflow solution which can connect all the stakeholders involved in this process. The system provides a robust, comprehensive and flexible system for job and production management, collaboration and workflow.

• Tracking of all Stationery and Marketing collateral work in progress
• Central repository for all stationery assets
• Auto Artwork, perfect for jobs such as business cards.
• Brand management repository
• Quotation management for creative and print services
• Gallery module – Storing images, video and audio clips
• Print ordering module for managing print vendors

GLAMS SMP Case Study

Learn learn how one of the world’s largest software companies achieved brand consistency by using GLAMS SMP to manage their EMEA stationery requirements.