GLAMS BM is the latest product from the GLAMS family of artwork management systems. It has been designed from in-depth knowledge of the marketing production function to allow clients to efficiently manage and control their marketing and creative processes. GLAMS BM also allows you to manage your agencies and print vendors in a more controlled fashion with the quotation module of the system delivering significant cost savings on your production costs.

Features of GLAMS BM

• Tracking of all work in progress
• Central repository for all artwork
• Brand management repository
• Quotation management for creative and print services
• Digital File Comparison for guaranteed quality
• Automated Artwork generation
• Gallery module – Storing images, video and audio clips
• Print ordering module for managing your print vendors

As the client you are in control. The key change to your traditional production process is that when a job is completed by external or internal agencies all relevant artwork files are stored with each job on the system. These files can be accessed by authorised personnel and makes the process of updating or changing artworks a much simpler process.

Return on Investment

• Valuable marketing hours saved through efficient workflows
• Cost reduction through improved efficiencies
• Reduced costs through rate matching and efficiencies
• Leverage and repurpose assets instead of recreate every time
• Create once - use many times delivers cost savings
• Faster Time to Market
• Cut out creation duplication of art creation
• Competitive and efficient quotation process leading to significant savings
• Reduced cycle time on projects
• Team members hours saved through efficient production workflow's
• Increased agility to move manufacturing

GLAMS BM - Retail case study

glamsbmLearn how a leading retail chain combined our technology & artwork services, to create efficiencies and substantive budgetary savings.